Isolating Passion for the World

By Elle LaChance ‘21

We all want to feel wanted.

We all need to feel needed.

But then we were told to keep our distance

To stop celebrating, to stop dreaming, to stop gathering,

To stop living as we were meant to live and rather just exist.

Distancing became more of a divide.

As everyone was told to stay inside

The losses and isolation

Replaced the victories and celebrations.

Her mind was already filled with darkness.

She asked herself if the world will ever be light and shine again?

Now she really feels that she is on her own.

But she never thought she would feel so much alone.

All masked up as people face the new world.

Hiding our fears and ever-lasting desires

We all are wanting again to be inspired.

Loneliness and pain

What else does evil want to gain?

The lies that love became.

Control & fear are the world’s most malicious game.

Will the world ever be the same?

Many feel we are truly being deprived.

Because for years and years, all we ever knew was the truest way to live was to feel alive.

But there will still be love and not much sorrow.

We look forward to a more hopeful tomorrow.

Peep Hole

Sarah Salemy ‘21