Shadows of Gold

Lindsey Catanzaro ‘23

It Feels A Lot Like Your Love

By Isabel Thornton ‘21


I pull at my clothes,

I shut my eyes,

and try not to collapse

under the weight of my own mind.

A touch.

You hold my shaking hands

against your steady heartbeat,

and I can feel your breath on my cheek

as you whisper, “I love you.”

A kiss.

One for each eyelid

and my world becomes bright again.

The monster in my mind leaves,

and for a moment there’s only you.


I don’t know when it will happen

or how,

but I understand it when you look at me

and I feel it when you hold me.


My leg starts to shake,

but then it stops —

a wave of calmness crashes over me.

It feels a lot like your love.