This edition of the willow is dedicated to Devin Hamilton.

A Poem for Devin

By Josephine Taranto

He was kind. He was a good listener, a good cuddler. He chose good movies. He loved his family, his heritage. He loved history and learning. He was smart. He looked great in pink. He loved Long Island (and we all gave him hell about it). He loved to make us laugh.

He was more than “one of the guys down the hall.” He was more than the eternally open box of CheezIts on the counter. He was more than his good dance moves. He was more than the demons he tried so hard to chase away.

We ask, “why is he gone?” We ask “where did the time go?”I ask “what could I have said?”

March 9th, 2021, we celebrated his birthday, the day after he died. We raised our glasses, more than once or twice, with his favorite drinks-of-choice. Then we went to watch this sunset on Ocean Drive, his favorite place in town. It felt surreal.

Now, March 9th is more than a toast at the bar. Its more than the grief that came from the day before. It’s more than a birthday.

It’s a day burned in our hearts, etched there forever. It’s more than a date, it’s a day we’ll always know calls for a wonderful celebration.


By Evan Elichalt

He was more than a lacrosse player,
He was more than a surprisingly terrific dancer,
And he was more than our resident Long Island/New York City expert.

More Than Number 39

By Francesca Moore

Dev was more than a student athlete and more than the number 39.
Devin was a protector, always a shoulder to lean on and a good listener, he was an amazing dancer and loved to make everyone smile, but most importantly he made everyone feel loved.


By Anonymous

How do I explain that I’m grieving someone I never knew

A boy

A story quickly turned into a tragedy

The unimaginable pain that was too much to continue to bear

Not there to celebrate another year of life

There is more to live for.

Otherwise, it would not be a tragedy

It would just be a coming of age.

Seeing nothing more to be done or learned

And just deciding to pack up

To move on to your next adventure.