White Paint

By Grace Parenti ‘22

I got into the habit of painting portraits of you

during all those months we spent apart

I’d prime my canvas, and begin my sketch

I studied your face

every crease

every freckle

the stern position your brows sat in

the deep dimples of your smile

your eyes, oh those eyes

a crystal blue sky

a field of grass swaying in a warm breeze

after a while, there was no need for a reference

I felt I had spent hours with you

I thought I would never tire of seeing your likeness

it only brought me happiness and comfort during our time away from each other

but finally, seeing you in person again,

you were not the man I had painted

that warm breeze was instead an icy wind

while my love grew with each painting of you

yours had faded

that person I painted was no longer there

I couldn’t bear to look at your portraits any longer

and the face of the stranger I once loved

is now covered with a coat of white paint


Isabel Thornton ‘21