Sarah Salemy ‘21

Visual Art

By Winder Landaverde ‘23

i wonder what u picture when u think of me

just like how when i think of u

i imagine a blurred out face

like a video game character

waiting to be unlocked

how do u see me?

do u see me at all?

i think about u like it’s my job

constantly wondering

when you’re going to pull up

and take me for a ride

when we do meet,

can we go watch the sunset?

and can we just stare at the sky

and feel the grass in our skin

and the earth in our souls?

i wanna feel your heartbeat

and remind myself that you’re real

because right now you’re just

a thought in my head

i imagine that

your skin is soft and warm

and your hands are welcoming

and your eyes are twinkling

and your heart is smiling

so hurry up

because the sun is starting to go down

and if we miss it tonight

then i’ll have to wait

another day for u

it’s been so long without you

it’s hard to imagine when i’ll meet you

but i imagine that you’re worth the wait